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Advertiser FAQs
  • Who can become an Advertiser?
      We welcome You as an Advertiser if You want to bring your target customers to your website. We would only turn down those websites that contain improper content such as obscenity. If your website is now primarily in English or a language other than Chinese, you can still make use of our Network to attract customers. Of course, as most of our Publishers websites are in Chinese, your website will enjoy much better conversion if a Chinese version is available. In case you need help on that, please feel free to contact us.
  • How to become an Advertiser?
      You are welcome to contact us. We will arrange an account manager to work with you on establishing a new account. You are also welcome to sign-up online. Your account manager will work with you to ensure that your advertisements achieve the best results.
  • What is the usual term or duration of the Advertiser Agreement?
      The Advertiser Agreement will usually last for one year or above. This duration is chosen so that the Advertiser can have sufficient time to establish affiliation with more websites. In the case of short-term promotion, we also consider establishing a shorter agreement term. The nature of the promotion program is the main deciding factor.
  • Can I sign up as both an Advertiser and a Publisher?
      Yes, you can sign up as both an Advertiser and a Publisher by using two separate accounts.
  • How can I place advertisements?
      After you sign up as an Advertiser, you may enter your “Program Management” interface to create your advertising program. Once you have completed the basic information and put down the commission schemes you proposed for Publishers and for the Network, you may submit your program. We will activate your program within 2 business days. To save your time, you can begin to upload your banners, their source and target URLs, or text links. Your may also want to write a brief description about your Program and upload your logo to attract Publishers' attention. Once the Program got approved, all these works will be visible to Publishers.
  • Can I update my advertisement after my Program begins?
      Yes, you can update or add to your banners and creatives after your Program becomes active. You only need to go to the Program Management interface to find all your Programs. There, you can select the Program to be updated.
  • Is there an upper limit to the number of Programs an account can host?
      We basically do not set a limit.? An Advertiser can simultaneously host a number of programs.? Our system offers great flexibility.? Advertisers can create different programs based on the nature of promotion, goods, commission rate, key selling points and other factors.? All these programs can be centrally managed.
  • How is commission being calculated?
      The commission is determined by the Advertiser when the Program is set up. The Advertiser will need to decide on the commission to be paid to the Publisher and to the Network. For example, this can be a percentage of the value of a referred order. The Advertiser only needs to pay the commission after the order is confirmed to be valid in the clearance process. We provide detailed transaction data for Advertiser to cross-check.
  • How to confirm the results?
      The “results” bear various names such as “qualifiable action” , “commission event” ... They are all talking about the condition of paying out commission. Advertisers confirm the results achieved by Publishers following a scheduled cycle, say monthly. Let' s say, for a Program that is on a monthly cycle, and its clearance date is the 20th of each month. The Advertiser can check the results of the previous month on the 1st to the 20th days of each month. Any discrepancies can be reported on the Event Details interface. One example is an ordered which cannot be fulfilled. The system will automatically calculate the commission based on the last updated results information right after the clearance day. We understand that some Advertisers would need to take care of so many transactions that an electronic data exchange interface would be of great help. ChineseAN provides full support to each Advertiser' s customization needs.
  • How do I pay my Commission?
      You do not need to pay each of your many Publishers individually. You only need to make one single payment to ChineseAN and we will allocate the commission to each Publisher.
  • How can I tell Publishers about my new promotions?
      ChineseAN frontpage and the frontpage of Publishers have spots for placing notice about new promotions and programs. Websites that have already signed up your program will receive email updates whenever new promotion creatives and banners are available. Depending on the nature of your promotion, we will also send email to other relevant Publishers to help you achieve biggest impact for your new promotion.
  • What is Return Day (RD)?
      Return Day is a common concept in performance-based marketing. When a potential customer clicks on an ad on a Publisher website, and is referred to an Advertiser website, he may not make an order immediately. After a few days, he may decide to return and place the order. If the Advertiser has set an RD for the Program, and the RD is longer than the period before this customer returns, the order will be considered a valid result eligible for commission. If the Advertiser does not accept RD or has set it shorter than the period before this customer returns, the order will not be counted toward the result, and the Advertiser will not need to pay commission for this order. The RD is usually decided when the Advertiser set up the Program, and will not be changed frequently. Setting a longer RD will of course increase the commission the Advertiser will need to pay. In exchange, a longer RD will attract more Publishers as it is more favorable to them. ChineseAN advocates that RD should be well chosen. Generally speaking, purchase of more expensive items will take longer for customers to make up their minds. So the RD should be set longer. If you need more advise about RD, please contact our Customer Service. We are happy to give you more information.
  • Can I set different commission for different products?
      Yes, you may use different Programs with different commission schemes to cover products of different profit margins.
  • I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
      If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forget Password?” on the Sign-in page. You will be asked to enter your sign-in name and your registered email. The system will send an email to your registered email. You will then need to click on a link in this email to confirm your request to reset your password. At the same time, your old password will become obsolete.
  • Can an Advertiser remove a Publisher website that has been accepted to his or her Program?
      After an Advertiser admit a Publisher website into his or her Program, and subsequently finds that the website involves in fraud, he or she can bring a complaint to ChineseAN and request the removal of the Publisher from the Program.
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