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Privacy Policy
We, ChineseAN, respect the privacy and seek to protect the information of our users.
Information we collect and how we use it
We collect the information for providing the service of affiliate marketing to Publishers and Advertisers. In order for us to serve Advertisers, we collect from them information such as the name of the company, contact person, contact method, address, URL of the website, etc. In order for us to serve Publishers, we collect from them information such as their name, contact method, address, bank account or other preferred means to receive commissions, URL of the website, etc. We will use this information to provide service over the internet. For example, certain information such as the URL of the websites of both the Advertisers and Publishers will be made known to other users of service.
Data about Customers of Advertisers and Publishers
We use cookies as one of the means to track the effectiveness of advertisements. The cookie records the IP address of browser used by a visitor that clicks on an advertisement on the Publisher website. However, the cookie does not permit us to determine the identity of any user of that browser or gather any other personally identifiable information about him or her. Tracking script placed on Advertiser’s website will collect transaction data on the website. However, the data collected does not permit us to identify the customer, the content of the transaction or any billing and shipping information of the transaction. The information we receive is just sufficient for reporting the overall value, if applicable, and time of the transaction, to the relevant Advertiser and Publisher.
How we protect your information
We will not disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party. Use of any information we gather for the purpose of statistics and research will be limited to aggregate level, without identification of any individual Publisher, Advertiser, or any of their customers.
Making changes to your information
Users may change their personal information on file with us at any time. To do this, simply visit the sections under the "Account Management" header. Enter the changes to the information as desired, and then click the "Update" button as appropriate.
Changes to our Privacy Policy
As permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to change or replace this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time, without prior notice to or the consent of any person. Any changes or replacement will be posted on this site.
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